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Who We Are

Family Promise of Greater Charleston’s mission is to prevent and end family homelessness by providing case management, community volunteer mentors, and landlord mediation.   

In our model of homelessness prevention, families experiencing and at risk of homelessness achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.  We will leverage existing community resources, volunteers, and underutilized space.    


Family Promise of Greater Charleston will train community volunteers to work with families at risk of homelessness to ensure they are connected to the community, remain housed, and on track for lasting independence.  The program will include direct financial assistance as needed and include professional case management to help the families as well. Case management will include landlord mediation, resource linkages, and skill-based coaching.

Currently there are over 500 children experiencing homelessness within the Charleston school district alone and hundreds more living at risk of homelessness. Family Promise of Greater Charleston’s Homelessness Prevention Program seeks to help families at the edge of eviction and/or homelessness to remain housed or secure permanent housing. This will not only help the families served, but help to stabilize neighborhoods, support landlords with the constant turnover they are currently facing, and engage communities in our volunteer mentoring program.   


Family Promise of Greater Charleston will benefit from being an Affiliate of Family Promise National, which has 200 Affiliates across 43 states, 8 of which are in South Carolina.  Training of the volunteers will be conducted in conjunction with Family Promise National, best practices for Homelessness Prevention will be employed, and discounted partnerships are secured.   

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